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Date: 11 August 2020

Sprinkle some light and happiness... sprinkle positivity and good cheer.

There is so much doom and gloom around, so much criticism, negativity and racism currently in the world…

And now an enlightened website has been created to spread some cheerfulness, to sprinkle positive energy and thoughts of love, respect and encouragement across countries, races and religions, to share and distribute good wishes, to create happiness, positivity, hope, love and joy with other like-minded souls anywhere on the globe.

Still in its infancy website, features a delightful cute bee sprinkling shiny particles and this is a powerful logo illustrating goodness being cast around in the world.

Members of this site are anonymous; no member can see anyone’s private particulars. They can only see members’ user IDs for the site and which country they are from.

Members come together on this site to share positive energy with others, to send messages of goodwill and motivation to other people around the world.

Members choose their own favourite avatar from a group of fun graphics of people and animals. They are invited to write motivating messages and send them to random people around the world.

In turn, they can receive messages from other users anywhere across the globe. They can also pass on messages and follow their messages’ path from person to person and country to country. An interesting, if not fun way of following one’s messages to see where they land up, plus one can see all the statistics attached to their messages!

Founder of this marvellous site that is like a breath of fresh air and light in a darkened stuffy room, is Steven Herbert, who says sending messages from this site is like sending messages in a bottle… then throwing it into the sea. You don't know who is going to find it or where it will end up. gives you the chance to write a message and send it on its way in the vast Internet ocean to be viewed by a random user somewhere around the world. If the recipient of the message likes it, he or she can happily send it on its way again, giving someone else the opportunity to enjoy it.

Members will be awarded badges for different achievements from time to time.

To help keep the system anonymous members may not update their own avatars but they do have a wide variety to choose from within the system.

Members are also able to select whether they are feeling positive, neutral or negative about the world right now and these are used to update the mood gauge which gives an overview of how members feel.

Members may also pick a country that is in the thoughts of people around the world if these countries have had a natural disaster, a political unrest or famine etc.

The top 3 countries of the moment are shown on the home page.

So do visit the site,, and start sprinkling lovely messages. Steven looks forward to welcoming you.

Anyone can join this site for free though they need to understand English, the only language of this site. You do not accrue friends or followers like on Facebook but you can have fans who like what you post.

A little bit about Steven. He lives in Centurion with his wife and daughter. He has a background in IT and loves the creative side of programming. He also loves to travel, wildlife photography and philately.


Written by Bev Mortimer Communications


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